The metalsmith workshop

We have been master metalsmiths since 1940. 

Our motto is: Art, tradition and our own style.

The marmolejo metalsmith's workshop was founded in 1947 by the metalsmith Fernando Marmolejo Camargo (1915-2006). Fernando developed his work as a metalsmith and gradually increased his fame in religious and civil metalsmithing, receiving numerous commissions, not only from Seville, but from all over Andalusia and Spain.

His prestige also led him to make reproductions of the Treasure of the Carambolo in Seville, the Treasure of Guarrazar in Toledo, the sword of Boabdil and the pre-Hispanic treasure of the Quimbayas.

Surrounded by works, chisels and hammers, his children grew up with metalsmithing in their hands, training in the trade and keeping the legacy alive to this day. Alejandro Marmolejo Hernández continues in the centre of Seville with the work his father taught him.

Alejandro sigue manteniendo el oficio en un pequeño taller en la Calle San Pedro Mártir, 5 (Sevilla), trabajando para grandes cofradías de Sevilla y provincia, realizando joyería y multitud de premios y condecoraciones para diversas academias, destacando la Medalla de Oro al Merito en las Bellas.

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